Volunteering with True Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship

As a nonprofit we depend on volunteers to provide our services to humans and horses and to advocate for the ethical use and treatment of horses. We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you for considering volunteering with us!

Email our Volunteer Coordinator directly at [email protected] for more information.

Or download the application and handbooks:

Volunteer Application Packet

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Information Booklet


A leader helps to get the horse ready for the lesson and leads the horse during the lesson. As a rider becomes more independent a leader may become a shadow leader and assist the rider in controlling the horse only as needed. They are responsible for the horse during the lesson.


A sidewalker walks along the side of a horse with a rider to support or aide the rider as needed. An active sidewalker may actively be helping the rider stay on the horse and a shadow sidewalker may just be providing verbal, visual, or physical prompts to the rider. They are responsible for the participant during the lesson.

Horse Care Assistant

This volunteer position is to ensure that our horses are getting excellent care and are getting enough displays of kindness to maintain their mental and emotional well being. Direct contact with the horses must always be supervised by True Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship staff or directors.


There are many jobs involved with advocating or promoting the ethical use and treatment of horses. These jobs include representing True Hope at events, helping to support our online platform, or if you are an equine professional, writing articles or posts for True Hope to post online.

Facility Maintenance Assistant

Help to prepare an activity site or add to an activity site to make it better for our participants. This position may also include general facility maintenance to prepare for lessons, clinics, or other events. If you are a skilled worker (such as a carpenter) and are willing to donate your services, please let us know!

Fundraising and Events

Depending on the season we may be looking for additional support to prepare a fundraiser or help out at events. 

Have an idea for a fundraiser? Contact us and let us know!