Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons

True Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons are offered to children and adults who are living with one or more physical, cognitive, emotional, social, or behavioral challenge. True Hope also allows parent-identified, self-identified, or school-identified challenges such as mild anxiety, mild depression, and mild behavioral issues. 

Therapeutic Horsemanship and Therapeutic Riding can have a number of different benefits and a great number of individuals can benefit. Physically, the rhythmic motion of the horse's gait can mimic the natural human gait and can improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Cognitively, therapeutic horsemanship has been shown to improve focus, memory, planning, judgement ability, and problem-solving skills. Emotionally, the connection and interaction between horse and participant can be very rewarding. Horses are sentient beings that can create unique bonds with the people who work with them. The relationship between horse and human can help to develop a sense of empathy. The interaction between horse and human, as well as with the instructor and other participants, can also help to obtain social goals.

Our Lessons

Our therapeutic horsemanship lessons focus on learning horsemanship skills in a way that is therapeutic to both the participant and to the participating horse. We believe that considering the horse can be very therapeutic for the participant. Our lessons include mounted (therapeutic riding) and unmounted activities as deemed safe and appropriate by our instructors. 

Our therapeutic horsemanship lessons are individualized to meet the goals of each participant. We encourage participants and their teams to let us know of any personal goals that they may have so we can incorporate them into our lesson plans if possible. Our instructors assist with goal setting in the first week of each session and complete an assessment at the conclusion of each session.

Lesson Program Updates!

Our lessons run in individual 6-week sessions (which may be extended for holidays, previously made plans, and cancellations in accordance with our Participation Policies).  Enrollment for our  Early Fall Session starting September 1, 2019 is open!  Contact us today to schedule your lessons!

Lesson Rates

If sessions are paid in full before the start of a session, we offer a $30 discount!

Private Lesson (60 minutes): $65.00, 6- week session $390

Semi-private (2 participants, 60 minutes): $45.00 per participant, 6-week session $270

Semi-private lessons are only available as scheduling and horse matches allow.

Scholarships for participation may be available, contact us to learn more.

Sign Up!

To sign up please contact us

All participants will need to fill out an application. Equine activities may not be appropriate for everyone or every challenge. Our application process helps to ensure that lessons will be therapeutic for both horse and participant.

You can download our participant application packet here

Our Activity Sites

True Hope at Timber Trails

Timber Trails Equestrian Center is located in Troy, NH and features an indoor to allow for riding in different weather conditions, a ramp for easier mounting, and many trails. True Hope is currently accepting applications for lessons at Timber Trails! Click here to see the Timber Trails Photo Gallery!

True Hope at Walking M Farm

Walking M Farm is a small farm in Walpole, NH surrounded by gorgeous farmland. True Hope at Walking M Farm is currently accepting applications for Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons!

Click here to see the Walking M Photo Gallery!