Our Horses

Our current horses are all partial leases. Because of this each horse works in the program but at the end of the day also has their "special human." Some horses listed here are retired from the program or only get used on special occasions to teach participants or volunteers how to lead or groom. 

Our Team

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at Walking M Farm

Rhonda is retired from another lesson program but still makes appearances at True Hope.  She was also a favorite at the same therapeutic facility that Robin was.


at Walking M Farm

Robin is a 15.3 Mogan/Cleveland Bay mare and she is a wonderful horse to learn on.  She was a favorite at another therapeutic facility before coming home to Walking M Farm.


at Walking M Farm

Ginger is a Belgian/Morgan mare and is working on learning enough to take on a bigger part of the program. 


at Walking M Farm

Harley is an older Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who helps out at special times for True Hope.  He is a super sweet guy who just loves to spend time with people!


at Walking M Farm

Gracie is an older Appaloosa mare who will sometimes participate in events.  She is a very special horse who makes quick attachments to people she understands!


at Timber Trails Equestrian Center

Blue is an older paint gelding who is super sweet and kind! He also helps out in a hippotherapy program in the summer.


at Timber Trails Equestrian Center

Yankee is an older gentleman who used to work at another therapeutic program. Now he enjoys participating in our program and going on trail rides with his owner, Jim.