Equine Advocacy

Part of True Hope Therapeutic Horsemanship's mission is to promote the ethical use of equines and we focus on lesson horses. We do this through our Equine Advocacy Program. Our biggest promotion of the ethical use of equines is with transparency into our own program. Please check back here for additional information about our program and feel free to contact us with any questions!

In an effort to make horse care information readily available to horse owner's we have compiled a series of articles for your viewing, available here. Please check back with us for new articles!  Also be sure to follow us on Facebook for continual tidbits of information on horse care!

Do you have questions or concerns about the horses you are caring for? Or do you need help getting in touch with an equine professional to provide care to your horse? Please contact us and we will do what we can to help!

Also, if you are an equine professional and would like to contribute an article for our collection or would like to volunteer to answer incoming questions please contact us!